Recurrent Abortion (miscarriage)

Abortion is considered recurrent case if it is repeated for 3 successive times in a in the first three months of pregnancies; its incidence is up to 15% of pregnancies ending in abortion. Causes: - Viral Infections in early pregnant women and thus transmitted to the foetus; and so it is advisable to conduct lab examinations of these diseases when pregnancy is proven. - Thyroid hormones imbalance: changes in the level of thyroid hormones of the pregnant mother may lead to abortion. - The presence of ovarian cysts. - Genetic predisposition to thromobophilias - Autoimmune diseases: lead to improper placental function and disturb its early implantation. - Chromosomal problems: both partners are normal, but usual gene mismatch occurs that may result into abortion.

By | FutureLab مايو, 30, 2018
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