who we are?

futurelab is the emerging market leader in the private clinical laboratory testing industry in Saudi Arabia.Despite the short period since its inception in 2008 futurelab has 16 branches distributed over the Saudi territory, from the Red Sea in the West to the Arabian Gulf in the East of Saudi Arabia.

This distribution reflects the effective rapid growth strategy adopted by the company in response to the high demand of professional providers and stakeholder’s satisfaction.


To provide the community with a high quality, convenient, timly, accessible, wide spectrum medical testing services; and enhanced the overall experience of the customer.


To stay ahead with the advancement in laboratory science; employ multi-skilled personnel; expand the geographical reach; and provide a compassionate long term relationship.


Reliability: We are committed to offering our customers high-value and precision in service excellence so that we can give them a unique holistic experience in the field of medical services, earning our customers trust.


Because your health is important to us, at futurelab we are always take the lead in search of the latest in laboratory methods & technologies to keep us a step ahead as your healthcare provider.


We commit to the highest degree of patient/information privacy to ensure your health concerns remain with us.

Accessibility & Coverage: With locations across Saudi Arabia, we provide our customers easy access and immediate attention to comfort and high service standards across our network of laboratories.

Regular Follow-Ups: With continuous follow-up, we ensure that the peace of mind future provides its patients extends beyond the results and ensures to help keep them alwayes in good health.

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